Montessori Team at the Valby Preschool


Kristine is the Head Montessori Teacher of Montessori International Preschool. She is Danish and she lives in Allerød with her partner and their two children, Toby (born in 2005) and Mia (born in 2009).

Kristine graduated in 2000 with a bachelors degree as a social worker from Skovtofte Seminarium in Virum, Copenhagen. Thereafter, she moved to Arizona, USA where she completed her last internship for college. She worked as a social worker for Prehab of Arizona for 5 years in behavioural health treatment homes and domestic violence shelters. Additionally, she did different types of child counseling including outreach counseling for children in need. She also has a degree in Psychology from Arizona.

Kristine became an AMI Montessori Teacher in 2005, graduating from the Montessori Education Centre of Arizona. She worked as the Head Teacher at a Montessori school in Mesa, Arizona until she moved back to Copenhagen in January 2008. She worked at Rygaards International School as a Reception teacher and a support teacher for over a year until she joined our preschool.

Kristine has been with us since the very beginnings of the preschool, when it opened its doors in August 2011. She makes sure that the school curriculum fully respects the Montessori educational method and that all staff follow the Montessori philosophy. She is also a qualified yoga teacher for kids and teaches two yoga lessons a week at the Valby preschool.



Uma is a Montessori Teacher at the Valby preschool. She is from India and moved to Denmark in 2007. She lives in Copenhagen with her husband and two children, a girl born in 2009 and a boy born in 2013. Her daughter was a student at our preschool.

During her studies, Uma helped school children with their Maths and Science homework and she has loved working with children since then. Uma has a Bachelors degree in Electronics and Communications. She completed her AMI Primary Montessori Teacher training course in 2015 at The Montessori Institute of Denmark. Uma has been with us since January 2016.



Vicky is an Assistant at the Valby preschool. She is Welsh and she has lived in Copenhagen since August 2015 with her Welsh partner. She did volunteer work with children in Thailand in a safari park, helping take care of the animals. She started with us in August 2016.



Carmen is an Assistant at the Valby preschool. She is South African and moved to Copenhagen with her family in 2014. She has been working with children since 2011. Carmen started with us in January 2016.



Matt is an Assistant at the Valby preschool. He is British and moved to Copenhagen in 2010 for his studies in Environmental Engineering. He lives with his partner and their daughter (born in 2016). He is thinking of doing a career change into Education and is with us to learn more about early-years education in a Montessori setting. Matt has been with us since August 2017.



Lowell is an Assistant at the Valby preschool. He is Canadian and moved to Copenhagen in 2016 with his wife and son (born in 2015). He works in administration and also helps us with our children needing extra care. Lowell has been with us since October 2017.