Montessori Team at the Valby Preschool


Mirella is the Montessori Teacher at the Valby preschool. She is Greek and she lives in Copenhagen with her husband Yiannis and their children Belisse and Molla (both born in 2013).
Mirella holds a Bachelor degree in Preschool Education from Greece as well as an AMI diploma from the Montessori lab in Athens. She worked as a Montessori Guide at a bilingual Montessori school in The Netherlands for 3 years until she moved to Copenhagen in 2020. She has also worked as a teacher in Lagos, Nigeria and prior to that as an assistant at a Montessori school in Moscow, Russia.
Mirella joined our team in August 2021.



Carmen is a Teacher Assistant at the Valby preschool. She is South African and moved to Copenhagen with her parents and brother in 2008. She has been working with children since 2011. She completed her International Baccalaureate at Nørre Gymnasium in Copenhagen. She is currently training to become a Montessori Teacher and will graduate in the autumn of 2021.
Carmen started with us in January 2016.



Lowell is an Assistant at the Valby preschool. He is Canadian and moved to Copenhagen in 2016 with his wife Barbara and their son Antimo (born in 2015). He has worked in retail and in pharmaceuticals in Montreal and has a Bachelors in Exercise Science.
Lowell started with us in October 2017.



Lauren is an Assistant at the Valby preschool. She is American and moved to Copenhagen in 2018 with her husband.
Lauren started with us in September 2020.



Luz is the Cook at the Valby preschool. She is from Panama and she has lived in Copenhagen for 5 years with her Danish husband and her son (born in 2007).
Luz started with us in January 2021.



Tina is an Assistant at our Valby preschool. She was born in Denmark and is of Persian descent. She graduated from Birkerød Gymnasium in the IB curriculum (International Baccalaureate).
Tina started with us in August 2021.