Welcome to Montessori International Preschool

Montessori International Preschool is an environmentally-friendly preschool based on the Montessori educational approach.

We are committed to the principles of Maria Montessori and to providing a safe, secure and happy environment for your children.

Our dedicated staff provides activities that will encourage your child to investigate and explore, to gain confidence, independence and language development.


Some of our key features for the preschool are as follows:


For children from 2 years 10 months to 6 years old. The structure is based on the multi-age principle that children of different ages share the same classroom and work at their own pace. At the end of preschool, they will be able to integrate any school system, whether it is in Denmark or abroad.


It is a comprehensive educational approach based on the observation of children’s needs. Montessori assures that there is maximum independent learning and exploration by the child. Under the guidance of a trained teacher, children learn by making discoveries with the materials, cultivating concentration, motivation, self-discipline, and a love of learning. This builds self-confidence, inner discipline, a sense of self-worth and instils positive social behaviour.


The preschool offers tuition in English. There are activities done in Danish such as singing and music and according to the background of the children, activities in other languages will be organised (such as French, Spanish, Russian, for example). This will expose the children to different languages from a young age which will allow them to develop their communication skills as well as their acceptance and curiosity for people from different backgrounds.


The preschool emphasizes recycling and efficient use of energy supplies. The practice of automatic recycling of materials and reduced waste is essential for the overall organisation.

International / Multi-Cultural

Children and staff will be from all backgrounds, regardless of culture, religion, race or nationality. The children will also learn about celebrations and customs from different countries, especially the ones represented by the children’s families and the staff.


We help children learn moral and personal qualities with regards to their being, their body, their senses, their intellect, their emotions, their imagination, their intuitions and their spirit. The children learn about freedom, responsibility, practicability, rationality and creativity, challenge and realization, self-reliance and interdependence.

Please see our video: A Day at Montessori International Preschool – filmed at our Valby location.