Our Principles


Every child is a unique person with creative potential, the drive to learn and the right to be treated with respect as an individual.

As children are profoundly affected by society and their immediate surroundings, we create an environment in harmony with the child’s natural development.

Children must be given freedom to work and move around, within guidelines that enable them to see themselves as both independent and part of a group.

Montessori materials help children to explore and master their environment through activities which aid the development of the whole personality.

Children are encouraged to work at their own pace, either individually or in co-operation with others.

Mixed age groups provide opportunities for the children to develop their social abilities within the harmonious community that is Montessori International Preschool.

Children are carefully observed on a regular basis, both individually and as a group, to assist their full development.

We promote the holistic development of each child individually by placing emphasis on:

Establishing self-confidence and self-esteem

Self-determination within respective age limits

Learning to form own opinion

Building of self-assurance and assertiveness

Encouragement of social development

Learning responsibility in small steps

Learning conflict resolution

Respect for the developmental rhythm of each individual.