Practical Information

Opening hours

 Open from 8am to 5pm.


Children may be admitted to Montessori International Preschool starting 2.5 years old and may remain at the school until the month of July of the year they turn 6 years old. 

Tuition Fees

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 We believe that a healthy diet is essential to children’s wellbeing and ability to learn. We foster an environment of healthy eating and an interest in good, fresh food. Cooking activities and monthly topics encourage children to explore food from its source to the plate. We provide a perfectly balanced menu which will give your child the best possible chance to thrive and flourish. We try to cook and prepare everything from scratch in our own kitchen. This ensures we know exactly what is in the food, and helps us make sure any allergies are avoided. We also believe it is important to develop the child’s social skills. Mealtimes are very important in this respect. The children lay and clear the tables. They serve the food and drinks to each other and then sit together to enjoy the pleasure of the meal, which becomes an educational and social occasion promoting good manners. We also try to use seasonally available fruit and vegetables. These tend to be available from local sources, so are fresher, tastier and travel less – all making our menu more nutritional and helping us to do our bit for sustainability too. We try to introduce a wide-variety of ingredients and flavours to the children at school, so that they can grow up being healthy and feeling positive about trying new foods.
Health and Safety Regulations

No Smoking

First Aid – all staff